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Sisiterhood Award

Sisiterhood Award
from A.M.I.N.A

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Remember my check list? Things I must do before my birthday? kekeke

Here it goes..:

To Do List:
  • exercise every morning (para pumayat lol ^_^) FAILED
  • jogging w/ best friend sa may beach FAILED
  • bake a cake for nez (birthday gift namin sa kanya dapat nung march pa, medyo super late gift hahaha) FAILED
  • eat less FAILED
  • drink more h2o CHECK
  • eat more vegetables, less meat, less rice FAILED
  • clean the house (sala, my room, kitchen, cr) CHECK
  • water the plants twice a day CHECK
  • learn new recipe CHECK
  • attend the bangus festival w/best friend, family and friends! CHECK
  • renew my driver's license.. (hahaha) FAILED
  • go swimming (gusto mag-jet ski sana, kaya lang sobrang mahal) FAILED
5/12? WAAAAAAAAA! I FAILED..... Kasi naman, kasalan lang ng facebook na yan! kekeke

pasukan nanaman, wahhh i have something to share, pero parang nahhesitant akong sabihin baka may makabasa nito na relative ko isumbong pa ako.. kekeke




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