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Sisiterhood Award

Sisiterhood Award
from A.M.I.N.A

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Remember my check list? Things I must do before my birthday? kekeke

Here it goes..:

To Do List:
  • exercise every morning (para pumayat lol ^_^) FAILED
  • jogging w/ best friend sa may beach FAILED
  • bake a cake for nez (birthday gift namin sa kanya dapat nung march pa, medyo super late gift hahaha) FAILED
  • eat less FAILED
  • drink more h2o CHECK
  • eat more vegetables, less meat, less rice FAILED
  • clean the house (sala, my room, kitchen, cr) CHECK
  • water the plants twice a day CHECK
  • learn new recipe CHECK
  • attend the bangus festival w/best friend, family and friends! CHECK
  • renew my driver's license.. (hahaha) FAILED
  • go swimming (gusto mag-jet ski sana, kaya lang sobrang mahal) FAILED
5/12? WAAAAAAAAA! I FAILED..... Kasi naman, kasalan lang ng facebook na yan! kekeke

pasukan nanaman, wahhh i have something to share, pero parang nahhesitant akong sabihin baka may makabasa nito na relative ko isumbong pa ako.. kekeke

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Seems like every teens are hooked in jejemon... Pero ang tanong, ano nga ba ang jejemon na sinasabi nila? so, I did a little research.. So mga teens di'yan, read this carefully ok?


*JEJEMON- a person WhO tyPeZ lYKeS tH1s pfOuh..
whether you are RICH, MIDDLE CLASS or POOR ifpK eU tYpE L1K3 tHiS pfOuh..eU are CONSIDERED AS JEJEMON.

*JEJEMONISM- the syndrome of typing in stciky caps,wrong grammar and adding unnecessary letters.

(BUT, if you only type in STICKY CAPS, that is ok if it's still readable :D )


1. they can not express themselves in the English language as good as an average person
2. they are dumb
3. Their names are also often begun with "El" then followed with a random spanish or portuguese word.
4. they put too much letters and symbols in everyword they say even in their god damn NAMES or ALYASES.


source : http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=jeje

-----------------♥ ♥ ♥ ----------♥ ♥ ♥ ------------------

Jejemonism [noun] - a severe typing disorder where the affected person adds more characters than the word's normal spelling. Studies show that jejemons (people with Jejemonism) can double or triple the word's length by adding consonants or vowels with identical sounds such as "acqouh" wherein "cq" is used instead of "k" and "ouh" for "o".- by Michael Norella

jejenism- mga gangster kung magtype, mga gangster kung umasta, mga gangster kung pumorma. most of them, barbaric in nature. lolols. tapat ng bahay namin, mga jejeboys nakatira. sa mga kanto-kanto ng subdivision namin, mga jejeboys and jejegirls ang nagkalat. - by Tuvs Tuvs Tuvera

JEJEMON----(noun or adj.)---a person who is very expert in typing...a person that nevr gets tired of typing consonants in all of his comments...
__ sila rin mga mga taong ksp at mga mababa ang iq
__ a person that destroys the morale of language in any typing media like internet,cellphones...etc...
__ a person na masisiyahan kang patayin
__ lahat na negative nasa kanila na
__ so watchout baka maging isa ka sa kanila

--------------------------------♥ ♥ ♥ ------------------------

Mild - eow pU..MxTa pu? jejeje

Moderate- eOw pfOw,, Na M1Sz pfOu qTah! mWahXz!

Severe - 3Ow pfU!,..aN3U pfOW gW4 n3O? tX tX nUa lHarN sZa mEna GziNg pFa!

TERMINAL JEJENISM - ``3Ow pf0U m3N4 p!p0L! nUa M1Xz k0 pF0u K30 nU4n z0bR4! wUaCk k30nG M3k A4Ng4Sz sXa b0SzX nu4 tuLad kW0 `` ---- ♥ dew

an active and malignant disease that cannot be cured or adequately treated and that is reasonably expected to result in the death of the jejemon." - By Dummysaurus Rex

♥ SURIIN ANG SARILI: baka nahawa na kayo ng mga sintomas ng JEJENISM ♥

1. imbis na simpleng "hello" ang itype nagiging "e0w, eOwz" at maraming pang kakaibang spelling

2. mahilig mag sticky caps at pag tabihin ang mga VOWELS tulad ng "peO, nUa, pfOe, qOu,mea,dean"

totoong meaning ng ating ehemplo "pero, na, po, ako, maya, dyan"

3. mahilig mag baby talk sa txt at internet. bakit baby talk? kasi iniiba nila ang spelling ng mga simpleng salita at nagmimistulang baby talk ang mga sinasabi dahil tabi tabi na rin ang mga VOWELS.

"eow laham cuu, miss nua poe qkta, k8 nua mei ibva cua nuang laham tza buhaii moe. ica0 pfua r!n laman nuan puszo qou."


4. mahilig mag banta sa shout outs at mag yabang kung ano at meron kayo kahit wala

5. ginagawang letters ang mga numbers at ibang symbols

``~ m4h1r4pf t4ng4pf1n nUa m3i m4'AL qc4 nuAng 1bVa ~ ``

6. tinatanggal ang letter "H" sa ibang words tulad ng
" Ma'al na ma'al qta dahil bN1gay q0u la'at la'at se0!"

-source- http://www.facebook.com/pages/Wag-mo-ko-kausapin-kung-ganito-ka-magtype-EoW-PoW-UzTaH-Na-pOw-kAyO-jEje/340976256745?v=info


So ang jejemon pala ay ginagamit ng mga tao na may low IQ.. hahaha. marami akong alam n ganyan, jejemon pala kau ahh..


My First Award

I would like to thank A.M.I.N.A for this award...

Friday, April 16, 2010

Hindu Teaching

There are hundreds of paths up the mountain,
all leading in the same direction.
So it doesn't matter which path you take.
The only one wasting time is the one
who runs around and around the mountain,
telling everyone that his or her path is wrong.

- Quote from one of my favorite TV series.. "One Tree Hill"-

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Before That Day Comes

36 days to go, tatanda nanaman ako.. weh? pwede bang wag ko nalang i-celebrate un? Parang kailan lang bata pa ako..Naaalala ko pa nung elementary ako, naglalaro ako sa playground ng school namin at napadapa ako, super napahiya ako nun kaya iyak ako ng iyak habang pinapatahan ako ng mama ko. Medyo mahiyain pa ako nun, wala pang alam ng kahit anong kalokohan, wala pa kasi akong masyadog nakakaclose na klasmeyt nun..

Then highschool life came.. hahaha dami ko ng alam na kalokohan nun, anjan yong hindi pumasok kasi tinatamad, mangopya ng assignment kasi nakalimutang gawin. Nag-karoon ako ng barkada.. Masaya, halos every dismissal kakain kami sa jollibee o sa mcdo.. hahaha Minsan naman tatambay dito sa bahay, mag-luluto kami etc..

College life.. uhmmm medyo malungkot kasi nagka-hiwa-hiwalay na kami ng barkada, may dito nag college, mayron sa manila, at sa baguio... pero we make it sure na once in awhile ay nagkikita-kita kami para mag-bonding. Kahit na ang iba sa amin ay may trabaho na, hindi kami nakakalimot sa isa't-isa.. (hahaha napakwento tuloy ako... ^_^)

So un nga, 36 days to go, but before that day comes, mayroon akong "to do list" na dapat kong gawin before sumapit ung day na un..

To Do List:
  • exercise every morning (para pumayat lol ^_^)
  • jogging w/ best friend sa may beach
  • bake a cake for nez (birthday gift namin sa kanya dapat nung march pa, medyo super late gift hahaha)
  • eat less
  • drink more h2o
  • eat more vegetables, less meat, less rice
  • clean the house (sala, my room, kitchen, cr)
  • water the plants twice a day
  • learn new recipe
  • attend the bangus festival w/best friend, family and friends!
  • renew my driver's license.. (hahaha)
  • go swimming (gusto mag-jet ski sana, kaya lang sobrang mahal)

Hahaha.. Sana magawa ko lahat ng yan! weeee


Saturday, April 10, 2010

Cooking Disaster

Awhile ago, while cooking our lunch, I keep on dropping things, like the chopping board, the plate where the chopped onions, garlic and ginger are placed, (i even dropped some onions, ginger on the floor while adding them!) the long metal spoon, I also spilled the oil. And while slicing the pakwan, 2 slices fell down the floor!!!... aaarrrggghhh What's happening to me? Good thing I didn't drop the knife!

2 nights ago, my baby brother make "lambing" to me.. he ask me to bake him some brownies..

He almost ate it all...


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

How To Love

Don't Know How to love? Then it must be your lucky day! I was like browsing my Facebook account and found this funny quote from one of my friends.. "How to love" daw...

For Guys:

Love your girl as if she's only 16. No longer a girl but not yet a woman. Love her with all your heart, set few rules and never break her heart.

For Girls:

Love your boy as if he's only 8. Let him play with his toys and go out with his playmates. Don't worry for at the end of the day, he'll still come home to you. Teach him to be honest.

And for the loveless:

Mag-dvd marathon nalang kayo!! Dota, o Facebook! ☺☼♂

Kakatawa diba??


Monday, April 5, 2010

Baby Brother

Baby brother is sick since yesterday.. I cooked him Nilaga.. Hope he feels better after eating this..


Instant Reunion

We went to a birthday party yesterday at our grandparent's place. It's the birthday of my second cousin? or is it third? lol i don't know really. I was not really close to them.

After that, we visit our uncle, mom and aunties want to know if he is okay now and if he still feel pain below of his body. When we arrived there, my aunties ask me to cook spaghetti and fry the pork chop. They said they want to taste the cooking of the "future chef and a future restaurateur". It was fun cooking especially when everyone likes the food. I gained lot's of praises from my aunties, uncles, and from my cousins. they really loved it!

They really enjoyed it! ^_^

The visit to my uncle became an instant reunion of Flores Clan. We ate, we play, we chat and bond together. We had fun really. Kulitan to the max!


Saturday, April 3, 2010

Family Bonding

Tuwing Holy Thursday ng gabi, tradisyon na namin na magpunta sa Our Lady of Manaoag, mag-ddrive kami mula dito sa bahay gamit ang aming sasakyan. Noong gabi niyon ay ako ang pinag-drive ng sasakyan, odb, exciting. Maraming tao ang naglalakad sa kalsada, penitensya nila na mag alay lakad papunta sa simbahan. Halos sakupin na nila ang daan, gusto ata nilang mag-pakamatay at pati sa gitna ng kalsada sila ay naglalakad, may pasahero pa naman ako na nerbyoso at comment ng comment sa aking pag-ddrive, hindi ba't nakakainis yong ganun? Lalo kasi ako naddistract pag may pumupuna sa pag-ddrive ko. ™

Covelandia at night(pathway)

Kinabukasan, Holy Friday/Good Friday, nagpakasunduan namin nila mama na mag-overnight sa isang resort sa may labrador o kaya sa may bolinao. Nagluto kami ng kami kakainin namin at bago umalis ay sinigrurado namin na naka-lock lahat ng pinto at gate ng bahay. Una namin pinuntahan para mag-inquire ay sa Covelandia Du Labrador Family Beach Resort, pag-dating doon, super dami pang tao kahit mag-gagabi na. Nang pumasok kami sa may front desk, fully booked na daw lahat ng rooms, dapat daw kasi nag pa reserve na kami weeks ago, ang meron nalang daw ay mga sheds, ayaw na ni mama na magtravel ng 2 hours pa papunta sa bolinao kaya doon nalang kami sa shed nila at next time nalang daw kami mag-overnight, at next time mag-papareserve kami ng kwarto. Maganda ang resort, syang nga lang at hindi namin nasabihan yong pinsan namin para may kasama kami ng kapatid ko na magsaya sa pool.

We ate yummy Halo-Halo Ala Monde

Mama Mary Water Falls @ Covelandia


Monday, March 29, 2010

Coffee Lover

Enjoying my hot coffee with my pajama still on...

A cup of coffee every morning...

Did you know:
  • It takes 42 coffee beans to make an espresso.
  • Over half of the espresso consumed in the UK is drunk in the South East of the country.
  • On average, men drink more coffee than women (1.7 cups per day vs 1.5 cups)
  • 37% of coffee drinkers drink their coffee black; while 63% add a sweetener such as sugar.
  • Instant coffee accounts for 13% of all coffee drunk.
  • 57% of coffee is drunk at breakfast; 34% between meals and 13% at other meals.
  • It is estimated that more than 100 million Americans drink a total of 350 million cups of coffee a day.
***want more coffee facts and trivia? click here


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Super Pissed Off

I am supper pissed right now! All the bad words are coming out from my mouth! Sh@#%^! F^%@*(*! T%@^(@&%^(!!!!!! To think na matanda na siya, and yet kaya pala niyang mangloko ng tao!!!!! Fu@%&( $&*^&*#!!! She told me she'll gonna pay me at the end of the month, but, wtf!, bigla nalang siya nawala, they said, pinalayas na siya sa trabaho because hindi niya nagagawa yong duities niya. Crap! yong utang nya!!! wahhh. That's 300 pesos! pwede ng beach w/ videoke un!! Tanga ko talaga at naniwala ako sa matanda!!!!! She's a scheming old bitch! arrrggggg!!!!

I've learned my lessons.

1. never trust anyone speacially yong kakakilala mo lang.
2.'wag magpa-utang sa matanda, lalo na at katulong pala siya.
3.'wag maniwala agad
4. at hindi lahat ng mukhang mabait ay mabait!!!


Utang ni Manang

Kagabi, kausap ko ung kapit-bahay cum friend ko, si grace, tinanog niya kung may nag-papaload sakin na matandang babae na maitim. Ako ay nawindang sa aking nalaman! Si manang pala ay isang sinungaling. Sabi ko naman, mukha naman siyang mabait, sabi naman sa'kin, hindi lahat ng mukhang mabait ay mabait (may point naman siya do'on). Tinarayan daw niya minsan si manang nu'ng minsan nagpaload siya at sinabing hindi dumating yong load kahit na dumating naman at may conformation pa na nagsasabing naload nga niya yong load. Hindi lang iisang beses na ginawa daw ni manang yon sa kanya. Kaya pala sa a'kin na siya nag-papaload. Ang problema ko ngaun ay kung paano ko sisingilin si manang, may utang kasi siya ng 300 pesos sa'akin. Pinagalitan nga ako ni grace, bakit ko daw pinautang ung di ko naman masyadong kilala at katulong pa man din daw yon, she advice me not to load her again until she pays her debt. Hindi na nagpapakita si manang sa'kin, grabe naman! waaaaa! yong utang niya!


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Earth Hour

Let's show our support by turning off our lights for Earth Hour, 8:30 to 9:30 pm on March 27, 2010. Let us unite. Save energy. Save our Earth from Climate Change.

Here's a great video from katkaterz. She created the video in support for Earth Hour 2010.

Magka-isa tayo mga PINOY! Earth Hour 2010 ^_^ Huwag muna kayo mag facebook at mag blog during that time okay? hehehe


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ang Hotel na nasa Bukid

Noong Marso 18-20, 2010,nag seminar tour kami sa Microtel Inn and Suites, sa Cabanatuan.. Ito ang Hotel na nasa bukid, at nasa likod ng Avida Homes. Maliit lang ang hotel, pero maganda ang lugar. Nang may nagtnong kung bakit nasa gitna ng bukid ang hotel, ang sagot ng manager, bakit pa sila lalayo kung andito na lahat s hotel, may swimming pool, restaurant, bar and disco, at malayo sa ingay at gulo sa lungsod. Take note 5,200 pesos per person ang bayad.

Maganda naman ang room namin, malambot na bed, may super laki na tv, telephone (pero inalis nila) may hot and cold shower, radio alarm clock, at bible sa bed side table. Tuwing seminar time na, parati namin iniiwanan ang aircon para pag-balik namin sa room eh super lamig at masarap tulugan ang kama.

Hindi maiiwasan na may boring na seminar dahil super boring ang speaker. Ilang beses napipikit ang mata ko kasi boring talaga eh. Pero mayroon din super galing na speaker, yong talagang nabubuhay ang dugo mo kapag nag lecture na siya.

Ang pinaka masaya ay ang seminar sa bartending, at nung nag exhibition na sila (Flair Bartending). Super galing talaga niya, kainis nakalimutan ko ang name niya, pero siya yong nagturo sa pinoy big brother double up na mag-flairing. Super cute nya talaga kaya super sigaw ang mga kasama naming mga third sex.

Masasarap din ang foods doon kaya lang kulang sa serving at ang drinks namin? Dan Dan Dan Dan... Unlimited Juice!!! Bawal ata mag tubig doon eh, tignan mo naman, breakfast, merienda, lunch, merienda uli, at dinner, ang drinks namin ay JUICE! buti nalang may dala akong water. Ewan ko lang ahh kung sulit ang binayad namin.


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Headache Migraine

I woke up this morning with a throbbing pain in my head, turns out I'm having a headache and minutes later became a migraine! The pain was killing me! I got up to drink a medicine, biogesic, but it makes it more painful, i was like sweating my ass off. I know what's the solution is.. I have to vomit in order for me to feel better, so I got up and went down to vomit. Thank God it works all the time, my migraine is gone and I feel better now.

I found this article in the net that I want to share with you.. it's from Teens Health. <--(click to view)


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Driber at Pasahero

Bakit nga ba ang Pinoy hirap sumunod sa mga batas lalo na sa batas kalye? Tanga nga lang ba sila o Tamad lang sila na sumunod? At bakit ang mga pulis o mga poso na yan, nakikita na nga nilang lumabag sa batas ang isang driver wala silang ginagawa kundi sundan lang ng tingin hanggang sa nakawala na ito, Tamad nga lang ba sila at nag-papalaki lang ng tiyan?

Tuwing ako'y pumapasok sa school, marami akong nakikitang mga
pasaway na driver, pasaway na pasahero, at pasaway lang talaga na tao. Unahin natin ang pasaway na driver. Mga bwiset na driver na yan, nakita na nga nila na naka-red light, tuloy-tuloy pa rin sila, ayaw huminto, muntik na siya makadisgrasya, siya pa ang galit kasi naagawan siya ng pasahero ng nasa likuran. Tanga nga la ba sila o isang mang-mang na hindi alam isang batas trapiko? Bawal huminto dito, ngunit bakit humihinto pa rin sila para mag-sakay o mag-baba ng pasahero? Bakit hinahayaan nila na makakuha sila ng driver's license ang mga ito kung hindi nila alam kung ano ang ibig sabihin ng "red" "yellow" at "green"?

Pasaway na pasahero. Hindi lang yong driver and nakakainis, yong mga buweset na pasahero na ayaw i-abot ang BAYAD MO! Naka-ilang ulit mo ng sinabi na, "
bayad ko po..pakiabot po ang bayad ko..." pero wtf, todo snob lang sila! Sila kaya ang nasa kalagayan mo, at wag mo din abutin ang bayad nila! Kainis. Feling naman nila, huwag silang umupo sa malapit sa driver kung ayaw nila i-abot ang bayad mo.

Pasaway talaga ang mga tao.
No Jaywalking, Use the OverPass, pero ayon.. todo pasaway! Nakita na nga nila ung sign, todo tawid pa din sila! Tanga nga ba sila? Hindi ba nila naintidihan ang ibig sabihin ng "no jaywalking"? o talagang tamad lang sila sundin, tamad silang umakyat at baba? Paano kung naaksidente sila? sino may kasalanan? Hindi ba't sila? Kasi sobra pasaway talaga!

Kagabi, kasama ko mga kaibigan ko, may nakita kami ng mag-syota(jejeje toinks) nag-jaywalking sila, parang nasa parke sila na magka-holding hands habang tumatawid, kaloka! hahaha Ayon, at dahil pasaway din kami, nag-jaywalking din kami! hahaha Buti nalang gabi na at walang pulis.. lol


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Kasi Babae Ako

Gabi na naman...

Nag-iisa na naman ako sa bahay, taga hintay sa kanilang pag-uwi..

Taga-luto ng hapunan, taga-hugas ng pinggan..

Taga-linis ng banyo, taga-linis ng bahay..

Taga-dilig ng halaman, taga-walis ng bakuran,

Hindi naman diba? Pero it is my duty to do all these things kasi
BABAE AKO! KASI NAG-IISANG BABAE AKO DITO SA BAHAY.. except kay mama, pero alangan naman na siya gagawa diba??? Ang wish ko lang naman ay sana.. TUMULONG naman ang mga LALAKI sa gawaing bahay, hindi porke bunso sila at lalaki ay exempted na sila!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Dig in everyone! Mainit-init pa yan, kakaluto ko palang yan! toinks!

This is my very own pancit with eggplant, very healthy and yummy!

Pancit Bihon
Mami noodels
Oyster meat
Chopped meat (optional)


Daddy's Girl?

"Daddy’s love is a basic need of any human. Everybody needs a dad.

A father is like a compass for a child. A compass shows us where we are headed and it gives us an orientation of the world. Dad – that is what we do for our kids.

Take daddy away and our child loses a great sense of where they are and who they can become." - Dennis Sy

A friend say's "If you are the only daughter, then you must be a daddy's girl". At one point in my life I am, but not anymore. Every child needs a
FATHER is what they say, but if your father is a alcoholic and at the same time has no job and one night while you're sleeping you saw your father crawls on the bed with a dagger and threatening your mom that he will kill her, then NO THANK YOU I DON'T NEED A FATHER.

BEWARE: this is a true story

I can still remember when I was a little girl, I almost burn down the house, i was playing with
matches (lighter consisting of a thin piece of wood or cardboard tipped with combustible chemical; ignites with friction), lightning it and throwing it to the trash bin full of papers, suddenly a fire burst out in the trash bin, I was shock in horror and stay still for seconds until my papa walk in the room and saw the fire, he immediately went down and when he came back he was holding a basin full of water and pour it to the fire. The fire was gone when he walks towards me and ask if I'm okay and that if I'm hurt, I hugged him and cried while saying sorry and ask him not to tell mama, because I know she will get really mad if she finds out, he said "it's okay baby don't cry, this will be our secret", he let me promise to not play with matches ever again. When mama arrived from work, while eating dinner, she ask what happened to our ceiling because there are still water dripping from upstairs, papa said that he was cleaning, mopping the floor and accidentally knock off the pail of water, i don't know if mama believes him, or if papa told her what really happen, I didn't bother to ask, because I felt that I got away with all the sermon and "kurot" from my mom, so why bother ask right? hahaha.. (lol)

Moths later, my baby brother was born, we are all happy. Papa is unemployed. Mama works in the government. Papa became alcoholic, maybe because mama is the only one whose working, maybe it hit his "male ego". One night, me, mama and baby brother are sleeping in one bed while papa is sleeping outside because he is drunk again and mama don't want him to be around the baby. I was asleep when I felt the bed move a bit, when I open my eyes, I was horrified and scared of what I saw! Papa is holding a dagger and threatening mama that he will kill her! I was like crying and afraid of what might happen, I immediately hug my mama so tight and begging papa to stop.... stop.... stop.... in my young mind, i said to myself, I have seen the devil and he is my father. Good thing my uncle was (my papa's brother) there and heard my crying, he immediately went to papa and stopped him, mama got up and hugged me and went outside the room.

Mama was worried because we forgot to bring my baby brother outside with us. Mama begun crying, after a minute she was relieved to see my baby brother, he is safe, my uncle is carrying him when he went out of the room where my papa is. That night, mama decided to leave papa, we packed our things and made our way to our grandparent's house. From the night my father did that, I begun to hate him.

I don't know if I already forgive him for what he did, it is almost like, 21 years ago when that happen, one things for sure is that, that memory is still very CLEAR in my mind.


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New Baby

Weh? Pang ilang blog site ko na ba toh? Tatlo? Meron sa i.ph, sa wordpress.. Uhm yeah, this is my "THIRD BABY". Anong mababasa nyo dito? Wala naman, mga istorya lang naman ng aking buhay, mga nangyari at nangyayari sa akin at sa aking paligid. Istorya ng aking kabataan, ng aking pagdadalaga, pag rebelde, aking love life, at mga mapapait na nakaran.. (wooooshh!) =p

Kung Nabasa mo ang aking
"ABOUT ME" at obvious naman sa pangalan ng aking BLOG, baboy, dabyana, at elephante ang karaniwan kong naririnig noong akoy nasa elementary at highschool.... (saka ko na itutuloy ang kwento sa aking susunod na post..)

Bibitinin ko muna kayo ok? May ganun? toinks! ^_^ Magluluto muna kasi ako ng Dinner, ako ang cook dito sa bahay eh.




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